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Print this form , complete all information, and fax to 623-266-7318 or print and mail to: - 1067 E US Hwy 24, #261 Woodland Park, CO 80863

Quantity of pins: ______________ (Minimum order quantity is 100.) (You can always increase your order, but only before your final approval of the artwork or sample.)

Lapel pin size:           1/2"           3/4"           1"           1 1/4"           1 1/2"           1 3/4"           2"                      SPECIAL SHAPE ____

Metal finish:   Antique Bronze          Antique Copper          Shiny Silver          Antique Silver          Matte Silver          Shiny Gold
                          Antique Gold          Matte Gold          Nickel          Matte Nickel          Black Nickel          Rhodium          Imitation Rhodium

Color:           None          1 side (8 or less on one side)

Process:           Die Struck          Iron Stamp          Resin Epola          Photo Etch         Silk Screened        Best option chosen by

Extra colors: How many? ________ (If silk screening is desired, please circle silk screening and place the number of colors as extra colors.)

Features: (Please circle or check those that apply for your coin.)
   EPOXY          SANDBLASTING           CUTOUTS: ____ (How many?)          PHOTOGRAPHIC PRINTING
   TWO TONE PLATING (for Shiny and Matte metal coins)          SPOT PLATING (for Antique metal coins)          SILK SCREENING
   Special paint:          PEARLESCENT            GLOW          HEAT CHANGING          TRANSPARENT #
   Options:          Key Chain          Tie Tack          Tie Bar          Cuff Links          Pendant          Other

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Telephone Number: (day)_____________________________ ( ____ evening or ____ cell)_____________________________

e-mail address for receipt of payment:, only one email per line  


e-mail address for artwork approval: (Same?____)


By signing this order form, you certify that you are authorized to sign the debit or credit card listed above, that you have read and agree with the terms of service as listed on our web page at, that you agree to have the above credit or debit card charged for the merchandise placed by this order, and if applicable, all artwork, cancellation and die fees as explained more fully in the terms of service.

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